It is estimated that one of every ten people in the world is in one stage or the other of chronic kidney disease. In Nigeria with a population of about two hundred million people, twenty million are at one stage or the other of the disease with majority either unaware or undiagnosed.

The Head, Department of Medicine at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Professor Emeka Nwankwo disclosed this while speaking to UATH Bulletin on the occasion of the 2019 World Kidney Day celebration. He said that adults who have diabetes or hypertension were at risk. In addition, individuals who are over-weight, who smoke cigarette, abuse drugs or are inactive were more at risk. Professor Nwankwo, who is a Nephrologist, also stated that family members of those with history of diabetes, hypertension, stroke and heart related diseases were also at risk. He said treatment of advanced stage of kidney disease was capital intensive, both at the level of dialysis and transplantation. “Therefore, prevention is the main thrust of our advocacy,” he added.

Professor Nwankwo said that preventing chronic kidney disease entails maintaining blood pressure and weight within normal limit as well as individuals diabetes Mellitus having good blood sugar levels at all times. He called on the government to extend health insurance cover to everyone with kidney disease.

The theme for this year’s world kidney day was “Kidney Health for Everyone, Everywhere” and was observed with rallies and free screening for members of the public.

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